There is more to a pie than meets the eye!

Being in the world of hospitality, we are more often than not, partial to good food, particularly that of exceptional quality, and of course a favourite tipple that perfectly partners the meal. Creations and inventions of distinction are credited to the Dysons of this world, but being creative and innovative with food is our very own mastermind Morledge. We believe we have the pietential to open your eyes to the many options of pies.


Never frightened to venture into unchartered territory and experiment with new ingredients and varied methods of cooking, concentrating on menu creation with the customer experience at heart, is our Executive Chef Lee Morledge.



Constantly aspiering the product that best fits the market, he and his team thrive on satispieing all. Each having their own master skills, as with Head Chef Jason Littlewood’s technical detail and impeccably high standards that sets the team apart from any other and is a marvel to watch the genius at work. This rapport is key to keeping things fresh and exciting.



At one of these classipied moments, as the five of us sat down to dinner enjoying a very traditional pie, our hearts were kindled for homemade simplicity. Each with their own fillings from blade of beef with Stilton to the chicken and leek, they all had their distinctive flavour. Simple yet effective. We stumbled on the inimitable pie a few years ago and have been redefining its existence ever since.


Whilst we cater for a variety of different markets, be it themed afternoon teas to dining in the Brasserie, or Wedding Breakfasts to conference lunches, and of course our large dinner events to the tune of up to 500+ guests typically for a black tie do, simplicity is key. Our Christmas menus feature Braciole Beef Pie this year in theme with our Venetian Masquerade and it has been the main course of choice for several large Charity Balls.


It is that age old discussion of moving from a domestic to commercial set up, one of scalability, and more so maintaining that very high standard when serving just 2 people to when catering for 500. Consistency is the challenge. Temperature, taste, and the appeal when set before each and every guest are fundamental factors. ‘We eat with our eyes’ but ‘we eat with insta stories’ is truer today pi believe, and in that vain the team at Colwick Hall have been working on a most distinctive pie.


Each month a pie is to be showcased, tonight we have 300 oxtail pies being served. ‘The versatility is immense’ says Lee. It’s our pieority to get you the perfect pie, this is why we plan to put forward a monthly Best Pie and work up to our entrants for National Pie Week in March 2018.


It’s also our plan to have a Pie Menu for organisers of a function and hosts of an event to show them the breadth that is on offer. The results have been amazing to see when the established Charity Balls, Christmas Parties, and Awards Night dinners have gone down the pie route to amazing success and with the chosen pie top quality and consistency ranked number one in their feedback. Lee reaffirms, ‘it’s great to know when something works and we keep true to our word and keep delivering top notch food regardless of whether it’s 5 or for 500. Every meal must be just perfect in my book and that’s the special thing that you can control with a pie’.


Immersed in the life of pie, we have a selection of dark beers and wines that go really well. With the steak powered pie, a medium bodied red such as our Argentinian Malbec or the fruity Syrah always work. When there are chicken fillings with either mushroom, bacon or leek, a dry cider or a dry Burgundy wine seems the natural choice. A glass or two of prosecco, being light and bubbly, works perfectly to counteract the texture of a pie. For the welcome we can offer prosecco royale or you may opt for a themed cocktail such as an appleberry pie cocktail making it a delectable drink on arrival, or the pumpkin pie martini perhaps more at home at this time of year. Gin lovers can find that the Gin and Ginger cocktail make an amazing couple with its fresh, bright, refreshing mix with a little extra kick. So it really is as easy as pie!



Pie mania seems prevalent at the Pie Manor and it is this not-natural choice that makes a pie perfect in more ways than expected. Potions of all sorts complement the flavours of your pie with butterybeers made of cider, lined with ginger and caramel syrup, topped with whipped cream and a parsnip crisp. Special dietary and vegetarian options are not an afterthought, but more the mainstay, making everyone feel included. The ever popular goats cheese, sweet potato, spinach and red onion pie fits the green bill.


It goes without saying ‘there’s more to a pie than meets the eye’.




Selva Muthalagappan

Director, Colwick Hall

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